Memiors of a door salesmen

It isn’t for everybody, but I have been knocking doors to support our family for the past year, & its been a miracle that I even found this job. When I say that its a miracle that I found this job, I didn’t. My wife found it on the computer. I can’t think of anybody that would say its a miracle to become a door salesman. It sounds funny to hear it coming out of my mouth too. But it was & still is. Door sales aren’t for everybody, though I think if everyone tried it, they’d find that many of the door salesmen are just regular joes trying to make a living. (every once in while there are those bad eggs that ruin it for the rest of us.) And so as it goes, I got an interview I went to the interview found out that it was a door sales job, (I was desperate to get a job at the time, but nervous to get a door sales job, wondering if I’d be good enough for it) and ran into my friend there in the office. With that I decided I better give it my all, and see what miracles could happen. Besides doing something is better than nothing with the economic situation Jess & I were experiencing at the time.
I don’t know why I decided to write this at this moment, but I think a lot of door salesmen have gotten a bad reputation from the few selfish individauls that took advantage of others, so I’m writing this to share with you what its like to be a door salesman. Some of the experiences will be common and to those who’ve done door sales can relate with, other things will be new and unique, because in door sales there are a lot of general patterns, filled with random suprises. I hope that I can convey what its like to walk in the shoes of a door salesman.

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