A few weeks ago, while dancing ( & more particularly while cooling down). I was going over the samba steps, while Jess was stretching. I began a samba roll when I immediately knew something was amiss! I felt this nice intense stabing electric feeling in the middle of and on the right of my back. it hurt to shift and move and breath and sit, and lay down and do anything. It turns out one of my ribs out of place. So naturally i went to see the dance trainer with some intense stretches, and then laying me on my back, crossing my arms and the guy telling me to breath in deep and exhale, he popped my rib back into place. the pressure was so intense, and then it felt good, i could move again even though the muscles were sore from the rib being out of place.
Its amazing that one little rib can completely stop me in my tracks. well onto today. This weekend I was goofing off, jumping around. And decided to try some dance/exercise moves i’ve seen on tv (I”m refering to the infomercial “insanity” a workout that will change your life or something like that). The process of the dance Move I was attempting was kicking your legs out and up in front of you while flexing your abs. The show said you would feel it in your abs, legs, gluts, back. All I felt within 5 seconds, or 4 kicks, was this pop on my right side middle of my back, and the same iintesnes pressure, pain to breath move, and anything else.
I think I retwisted my rib out of place again… Not the most exciting thing. I can’t even say that I did anything cool to dislocate the rib. Jess just looked at me like are you serious! How dumb are you!!! “I just wanted to have a fun date” (did I mention this happened on our date)
OK I”m exaggerating on that, she was actually very simpathetic, just a tiny bit stunned that this should happen again. But like I said she was very simpathetic to my plight and has babied me a bit. Which is nice…
So later that night as I lay mortally wounded trying not to breathe cause it hurts, or move, cause it hurts or shift, or do anything cause it hurts.I’m just about to fall asleep, and I guess in my sleep I try to shift. becuase of this I scream out “bah” Jessica rolls over eyes still closed, and tells me in a somewhat annoyed voice, “No screaming, I’m just about asleep.” I look at her (which hurt to turn my head). She was already asleep! She says the funniest things in her sleep. come to think of it so do I.

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