April Showers

Did I or did I not predict the weather for graduation day in my February 9th post? It has been beautiful and sunny for a few weeks, but today it is thundering and raining so hard! And there is a forecast of snow. I can’t believe it. Oh well, not too big of a deal. It’ll just make it hard to take pictures! It is really coming down hard right now, but just 3 hours ago Kylie and I were laying out on the lawn trying to get tan. Now the weather is absolutely crazy! And we had just finally started using the scooter again! (which has been giving us problems, by the way) That will just have to wait. Graduation will be fun. I’m mostly excited to go out to lunch!!

Yesterday I officially finished college. I took my last final of my life–sewing. I probably did about B-range work. I’m happy with that. Today I feel a little weird. We woke up and had a dance lesson… and then… went and got my cap and gown… and then…. nothing. I’m at work now… doing… nothing. I have no homework, no final exam looming in the back of my mind. I’m just chillin. It feels nice. What now???

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