I am feeling so happy. Nothing can stop me. Actually I have been feeling like this for a little while, but it is especially so today. I woke up and it was pouring rain outside and it had snowed, but that didn’t really matter. All I had to say was, “This is the last time I have to get up at 7 and walk to school in any form of precipitation.” I had a 3 hour final today in my sewing class, but it went okay because I knew that no matter what happened, I would do pretty well on it and I would never have to go to 3 hour lab ever again! And then Raimo and I practiced (no thoughts of never having to do that again of course, but it went ok). Then a Singers recording, then one last editing assignment (boy am I through with those analysis homeworks!) and one more class in half an hour. The last class I will ever go to at BYU!

It is sort of surreal when I think about it. I am not even sad! I think I have really had a full experience here–I have squashed every possible extracurricular class into my schedule and been going full-steam from dawn to dusk most days. It was great while it lasted, but I am also very excited for a new chapter. I never thought I’d be ready to leave BYU. Part of this might be due to the fact that I haven’t taken any time off school since the summer of 2008! I went right through last year– and it took a toll. I am excited to do things around the apartment, eat at McDonalds less and cook a little bit, spend some time OUTSIDE during daylight–I think I’ve been inside for like 2 years now. I’m not sure what work I’ll be doing. I’ve looked into a few editing things, but none of them seems like a great fit. I’m not in a rush quite yet. I will start a more serious hunt the week after finals 🙂

Raimo and I had a great weekend together- still had lots of work and stuff, but we partied too. I planned our Friday night date. We went to Five Guys for burgers, then to Borders to do Raimo’s favorite thing=sit and read comic books in their comfy chairs (I read a chic novel that I plan to go back and finish another night), then we went home and made cookies and watched Fame the movie. It was a nice night. We ended up reading for like 2 hours of our date. I have not felt like reading for the last few years of college. I even have some books on my shelf at home that I didn’t really want to pick up while in school, but I’m going to really enjoy them this summer!

Have I mentioned excitement for summer? haha

We have a big trip coming up in June and July. We are going to party like rockstars. I have really not had time to think about it, but now that I am, I thinking it’s really going to be cool. I’m looking forward to doing weekend trips, just working and dancing at the good old RB.

One of my favorite things right now is my Gloria Estefan mix on Pandora. I love the 90’s.

I had a dream last night that I gave birth to twins. I took them home in ziplock baggies because they were so tiny (what?) and then I spent the rest of the dream struggling to carry everything. The babies were suddenly bigger and I just didn’t have enough arms. Why do my dreams always have to be so stressful? And I couldn’t think of names for them. It was just bothering me throughout the dream. I was sad when I woke up and had no cute twinners!

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