Monday, shmunday. Had the morning off work today, but I had to get up anyway to study for a sewing midterm. Darn! Then ended up finishing the midterm by 11:30 and didn’t have class till 1 ! Darn again! Could have slept in a little bit later! But I guess it was good I had plenty of time for the test. Today is so busy. In fact, the whole week will be so busy with tons of practice before nationals. I can hardly believe it’s next week already. Wow it comes fast.

We had the most random weekend. Raimo and I never stay up past midnight, but on Friday we stayed up till 2 watching Mad Men (I was at work till 1), and on Saturday we stayed up in Salt Lake till 12:30 hanging out with Alister after my choir concert. We got to bed so late! And so yesterday we had to get up at 7:50 am, so we took a nap after church. For FOUR AND A HALF hours!! (probably a record for me) so we weren’t tired for bed till about 1 am again. It’s a bad cycle! Must go to bed by 11:30, or I get SO messed up. I’m feeling really sluggish today.

PS we had to get up at 7:50 yesterday because ward choir was meeting to practice before sacrament. I am ward choir director, and our performance of How Great Thou Art went quite well, if I do say so myself.

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