Happiness is…

a completed, polished resume! I’ve been working on an application for over five hours now!!! It’s practically a job in itself! I hope it pays off–I’m really excited about this one! (Please disregard lack of enthusiasm in last post–I really don’t want a brainless job. I want a job that keeps me going every day and that makes me feel like I’m making a contribution to the world!)

SO I tried a Hershey’s kiss with cherry flavoring tonight. Pretty much to die for. YUM! Thank you, Louise. I’ve been thinking a lot during my job-hunting about my current job. It has really been so good to me. I probably couldn’t have found a more perfect place for me to be for the last two years– I really hope my luck continues! It is a place full of really great, really sincere people, and I have also learned a lot of valuable skills here. Actually, I’ve learned a lot about just life “on the job”–how to interact with people, how to work at something till you get it, how to work to exceed expectations, how to find ways to make your job/systems better, how to improve your work through your attitude, etc.

Some of my favorite memories here have been chatting with friends on late night shifts, enjoying the excitement that came with the flood in the old office, the excitement of the windows in the new office, laughing at some of the funny requests from our callers, going to retreats and parties where we did silly activities and get-to-know-you games, and making international calls (cuz who doesn’t like making those??) I’m really sad it is coming to an end this semester.

So here’s to all you work friends out there. I know some of you read this and just don’t comment! Ha! Leave me a comment with some hugs.

K thanks. Bye

2 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. I will miss you a lot Jessica! You are fabulous and some of my favorite memories are of Info too! i wish i was there to send you off properly or have one more late night conversation. Best of luck for the future!


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