This has not been the best week so far, but I think it’s going to get better starting Thursday. We have so many things that need paying off right now, but we’re still spending. And, like 10 checks we wrote a long time ago were cashed. I hate that. Such bad check etiquette. We can’t seem to get caught up. I wish I could work more than 20 hours a week. I’ve been doing some job hunting–they say you need to start a year before you graduate. Oops. At least I still have three months. And really, I would just like a nice, brainless job. I don’t want all the commitment of anything more right now. Any nice brainless jobs out there? I’m just tired.

It’s ballroom season. I have finally mastered the art of becoming orange. It isn’t that easy actually. I’m nervous about competing, but it’s what we dance for, so we have to do it. I currently have three dance partners, which means I practice three hours a day. What was I thinking. I think this will be my last dancesport. I’m ready for a change of scene, of pace, of activity. Raimo is not ready for any changes. Lucky for him he still has more school so there will probably be no change. Ugh!

We have had a really dry winter this year–I’m glad about that because it means less walking to school in the snow. But I am afraid we will have to make up for it in April or something. Utah likes to pull those on you. Just wait. Graduation day I will have an inch of snow on my cap. Thing is, I’m pretty sure it’s one of the only days I wouldn’t even care. Unless I get new heels of course.

Oh, and we got the new bigscreen. It is pretty much bigger than our apartment. It is blowing our minds to have volume control again. So nice. Suddenly our friends want to come over. Hmmm

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