Christmas Tradition

We have a tree!It has presents around it now though.

Raimo and I did one of our Christmas traditions last night–went ice skating at the Gallivan Center. The funny thing is, Raimo was the only one who skated. And he only got to circle the rink about 4 or 5 times. He looked great though, see?

We went to Hire’s before, also part of the tradition. I got a rueben. OMG so good. Anyway, it took a long time to get our food. And we didn’t realize the rink closes at 9 pm mid-week and we got there at 8:55. So… I was okay with that. Luckily Raimo has his own skates so I told him to pop em on for a few minutes. It still counts as following the tradition.

Then we went and looked at lights around Temple Square. They were beautiful. There were also a lot of blue lights on the trees in Salt Lake that were cool. I think lights on trees are my favorite, especially red ones.
Also here’s an update from last weekend:



He likes to dance for me.
I told Raimo to keep watching the road and I would take a picture. But he decided to look at the camera, and I am watching the road. That doesn’t make any sense.

Trip to Vegas with our friends Ryan and Ana Maria. Fun weekend
My new car

4 thoughts on “Christmas Tradition

  1. Ice skating is a blast. Looks like you had fun. Raimo your hair is long and greezy. That must have taken a bit of time to grow out.


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