paper cutter

Some day I want a paper cutter. You know, when I have a craft room some day. I used one today and it was like a vision. I even cut cardboard on it. Wow! How much time have I wasted trying to cut in straight lines for projects or for scrapbooks when I could have a nifty thing to do it for me! I’m sure my professor will be impressed with all those clean lines.

Since I came home from Thanksgiving, some switch has been turned on in my brain and I have been going full-steam in my school work (complete shift from THIS post). Actually, I think there was no other option really, it being the end of the semester and all. We now have three more days of class left and then a week of finals. Crunch time. I had forgotten how good it feels to get so much done in one day. Don’t get me wrong–I’m totally ready to return to my lazy senioritis state as soon as I knock out that last final!

Brag time. Raimo has made so many sales. He really has! His team makes all these goals each month, and he always meets and exceeds them. His group made a team goal that they would sell a certain amount between August and November, and if they did they’d all get new flatscreens. When the rest of the team didn’t appear to be as motivated, Raimo made a bet with his boss that he could make 50 % of the group’s goal all by himself! He has until the end of next week, and he is really really close to that goal! At this point, I care less about the TV, though it would be nice. I’m just amazed at how it has pushed him and how motivated he has been. I have seen a new side of my husband–a real determined side. Let’s see what else it has won him this semester:With which he bought…

Wow. Tonight he is out door-to-door in the snow, bless his heart. I hate snow. Without fail, it always ends up looking like this:

It is just a pain! Especially walking everywhere. I always feel bad for all the shovelers all over campus. There is one nice thing about snow–it has this romantic thing that it does. It makes everything quiet. And I’m not talking about how quietly snow falls, although that is really amazing too. I like how it just muffles all the noise a little bit when it is still light and on the ground. It makes everything a little quieter and gives everything a little glow. I like how that feels.

BUT that doesn’t make up for much!

I digress. Raimo is selling in it. See? He is so devoted. We got to spend the afternoon together in our now decorated apartment. It was fun–we just snuggled. He was just being so cute. Our Christmas lights inside make it seem so much more cheery.

Really, I don’t need a paper cutter. I am so happy.

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