I’m complaining

So I have senioritis BAD! I am so bored with school, not that my classes are so boring, but I feel like I’ve gone over all of this stuff before! So much American literature, so much creative writing. I’m so done with it right now! Not to mention life is just so busy. We have our BYU competition this weekend–it is always a scary one because we’re competing against all our talented friends here. I am excited to have new costumes though!! yay!

Other exciting news is that we redecorated our apartment. Actually, we just got a new bookshelf, but we rearranged the whole room and it looks totally different! It feels cozier and I like it.

Tired of work. It seems so pointless sometimes. I am making 30% of what Raimo makes, and he spends a lot less time working! Maybe I will become an entrepreneur. Probably not.

Haven’t been to the grocery store, haven’t really gotten dressed (wore pajama shirt all day today because I woke up late), haven’t picked up the house, haven’t done any homework, and have no plans to do any of these things because tomorrow I work 6 am-8 am, practice 8-9, go to class 10-11, work 11-1, class 1-2, work 2-4, EAT 4-5, work 5-7, choir rehearsal 7-9, crash 10 pm. Yes, I have 4 shifts at work tomorrow. That’s excessive. My fault entirely.

I will try to post some pictures soon like a good blogger.

I want a vacation!

2 thoughts on “I’m complaining

  1. Oh goodness. You are definitely too busy tomorrow! Best wishes to you on your crazy schedule. And don't let the senioritis get you. Really, there's only ONE MORE MONTH of classes! And maybe about 5 months until we December graduates actually walk in the ceremony for it. 🙂


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