Another week goes on by.

The leaves have changed their colors here in P-town. guess what I’m giving Jess a run for her money, we both competed this past weekend. We were so tired. But it turned out all right. Jessica took 3rd in Pre champ, and I took 2nd. Right after that exhausting 4 rounds of dancing cha cha, samba, & Rumba; we then competed in the amateur title which made us dance cha cha, samba, rumba, and the Paso doble. luckily there were only two rounds of that. I took 5th while Jessica took 4th so it was a fun switch aroo. and thats that. we’ll be having another competition on the 7th of November and the following week after that! We’ll be getting new costumes hopefully, with Jepp/s Design. They are the best!

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