Last weekend we had general conference. I really loved it, and I had such a nice weekend. Monica came and visited us for the weekend. So she and I hung out during the priesthood session (went shoe shopping!) and we just played around. I didn’t really get any school work done, but who ever does?

I’m enjoying Singers so much. I’ve told Raimo many times that there is just something that I get from music that I don’t experience with other hobbies, i.e. dance. Singing just makes me a happier person.

Speaking of Raimo, he is sick with a cold right now. I feel bad that he still has to go to school. Hopefully it will go away quickly!

This weekend we’re going to Vegas to meet up with our family. I’ve only seen them twice since Christmas, and even those trips were really brief. I am getting excited to go for a nice long drive with my honey! It’s my favorite. It will also be fun to see all our Vegas friends while we’re there. Thank you Berkeley for taking my Saturday shift!

Life is great right now. Love it.

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