Only two posts in July and both were about school! BOooring. So what’s been going on with us lately…

Raimo had a birthday on Wednesday–we had a fun day. He’s 24 and that is really weird. He got a navy and a gray suit–they’re both really cute!

We also went on vacay for 2 days to Riverside and hung out with my family. We ate everything in sight and went swimming and to the drive-in movies. I did everything possible to procrastinate my homework.

We’ve started practicing dance again with new partners (Kate and Alister)- our first competition is next week. Raimo and Kate have a lot of fun–they’re both really easy going. And Alister and I are really intense about everything, so it works 🙂 The fun thing about dancing with Alister though is that we “estep” or “estamp” our feet. Somehow that’s just better than “stepping”! I think Raimo and I practiced with Katalister more last month than Raimo and I did in the whole year. We’re definitely improving. What a surprise..?

Besides that, we have not done too much summer stuff! We’re growing out our hair and trying to be tan. We work a lot still. I’m excited for fall because I’m only taking 5 classes/ 12 credits! It’s going to be awesome. I’m also hoping I’ll get to do a little of this

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