Happy Cinco de Mayo!! This week has been busy! I got a couple of big things that I wanted: a spot in a 3 couple cha cha and a partial dance scholarship for next year! And there were a couple of other things that I wanted but didn’t get (weekend getaway kinda bombed, no work promotion, no sunshine all weekend). But overall it was a good week. Raimo made up those disappointments to me by buying me not one but two of these beauties (can you believe Raimo has never been to wienerschnitzel before? chili dogs are a childhood staple!) and this new wallet (the leopard one- isn’t it adorable?!). So now that all my credit cards are in alphabetical order, I feel so much more relaxed-and glamorous-popping open my new shiny clutch. Happy day!

But one of the greatest excitements of all was going to the real movies!!! When I say real, I mean a genuine, big-screen, plush seated theater where tickets cost 8.75$ per person to watch a movie that we could rent a few months later for 3.99$ at Blockbuster or go see at the dollar theater for 1.50$. Raimo and I call it the real movies because it’s a big deal for us!!! If anyone wants to give a shout-out for the real movies (or some “I’m disgusted by inflation during recession” comments) you’re more than welcome! Or you could just tell me what you would do with that 17 dollars and fifty cents if you DIDN’T use it at the real movies. As for us, we indulged and went. It was awesome!

3 thoughts on “Hola!

  1. You know I don’t think anyone in our family has ever been to wienerschnitzel. Are they good?

    Any how congrats on the wallet. And hope you really enjoyed the movie. I haven’t been to the real theater in a long time either. That must have been an experience. The plush seated theater must have been pretty nice.


  2. cowleywyI would have gone to the movies too! We have to have these little islands of delight as I call them…these
    little happy breaks from our ordinary routine.


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