i always forget the background is purple, so don’t use the purple or gray writing!

March 8th of the year 2009
For the weekend we had signed up for the Las Vegas Showdown dance competition at the Hilton hotel. We took off thursday night around 7p.m and got to my brothers and sister-in-laws Awesome home around midnight. Their guest bedroom rocked and their house is coming along sweet. I have the cutest niece (neice, I think the first way is correct). She was all smiles and very easy going. we painted the town blue, or so they say. (maybe red) and we saw the sights or at least the good ones! The weather was cooperative and warm, except when it got sort of windy. we danced friday evening in the amatuer novice latin competition which consisted of the dances cha cha cha, Samba, and the rrrrumba. we actually didn’t feel good about those dances but we did well anyways. Amanda picked us up and we talked. for the competition Amanda turned Jessica’s head into a living masterpiece, she created an intricate weave bun with live flowers in her hair. It was stunning and I’m sure there will be photos posted shortly… saturday the 7th of march started with an adventure looking for Amanda’s grandparents and going to the swap meet. It was Jessica’s first time and she seemed a little nervous. I smoothly calmed her down, and we bartered and bantered with the salesmen and women. OOO there was so much to buy, shoes, clothes, old motor bikes dirt and street. bicycles, parrots, mice, flea’s, dogs, makeup, churros, washer and dryer, tools, knives, everything was there. car stereo’s. we walked and walked and walked. I caught some zzz… on the way back. my other brother and his family showed up in vegas and we went to the nordstrom cafe…. it was great. Come to think of it, All of my nieces are really cute, (calling out to meredi, Hails, Lills, and soaps. but before we went out to nordy’s Amanda created an even more immaculate hair style on my wife. we danced in the amatuer pre-championship Latin which consisted of the dances Cha cha cha, Samba, rumba and the Jive. we got dressed. they lined us up. and we went out on the dance floor. Marko and soapi came. the lights dimmed and the music began to play. I couldnn’t get enough oxygen into my lungs which for me made it sort of hard to dance. Again it went well. we lined up for the awards ceremony and they started calling out the dance numbers the group kept getting smaller and smaller. when our number was called we decided we should bow. it was fun. and now we’re back in Utah, and I”m trying to get my math finished. its not that easy. well thats it for now. from me.

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