Ballroom competitions are just around the Corner…

  1. thunderbowl event is on nov. 8th at hillcrest high.
  2. BYU FALL DANCESPORT CLASSIC will be the following weekend I believe novemeber 15.

Jessica and I will dance in the gold bar latin class event, as well as the prechamp latin and possibly the amatuer latin. Depending on whether we have a jive or not.

Now that most of the leaves have turned their colors, this is a great time to just enjoy the fall and sip hot cocoa. Last sunday we were able to visit with my parents up in Sandy Utah and enjoy the evening events. Two of my older brothers were there; Risto with his girlfriend Le anne, and Mikko with his wife and their two lovely children Lil Mikko and Meredith. It was a great time to enjoy the Jones soda. and the wonderful meal provided by my mom. My favorite part was being able to spend my whole day with Jessica. She had on a tan skirt and a blue and white blouse. her hair looked spectacular. We had fun.

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