Chapter 1

it’s clear brisk autumn morning. in the faint light an alarm clock is ringing. beep beep beep beep… “what is that noise” thinks Raimo as he opens his eye’s slowly. His eyes take a moment to adjust to the dark dry room, he is still trying to get his bearing on were he is. Slowly it comes back to him. today was the first day of college, and thats why the alarm is going off. It had only been about two weeks since he’d been home from his mission for his church in the “distant” land of washington state, and more particularily in the gig harbor area. the past few days he didn’t really now what to think. “I’m starting college!” he says slowly under his breath as he gets ready in semi darkness. Raimo is living with his brother Risto who he hasn’t seen for the past four years, and some other people he doesn’t know. there’s his other roommates hurrying to get ready, greg baker, arnold, rob, and some young freshman guy named steve. the apartment isn’t much, and in fact, it isn’t much of anything at all. it’s really dingy dirty and hot. “well i’ll see you guys later” raimo walks out the door. he heads to his first classes of the day. book of mormon, marriage prep, american heritage, bowling, and some dance classes. thinking to himself At least I have the silver latin class. I”m sure i’ll do ok in that class. this would also be his first time on BYU’s ballroom team. He had been put on the team just behind the back up touring team for ballroom. He didn’t know a soul on any of the company there were five teams total, two begining, 1 intermediate, which he himself was on, and then back up and tour team. the day went by, the first week was a whir… and in the coming days, he got a little more comfortable with the thought of being in college. and thats when my silver latin proffesor Brent Keck, told me to stay after class. My heart did a few skips. Mr. keck though sorta skinny had an explosive energy about him. he is intense. He has a dark complexion with jet black hair, always slicked or cut in the roman style, very short. His passion for latin dancing moves most of us to always give our best. and he takes it very seriously when someone doesn’t. So i was a little nervous . the bell sounds, and the students start leaving the classroom. I walk over to him slowly. “Raimo. you’re really good.. do you have a class on mon wed, fri, at 8 am?” he asks me. I say no. he then asks if I’d like to be in his gold 1 latin class. I say yes before he can change his mind. “so will i be in both classes then. and he says ya I will. cool I”m feeling like the bomb, I just got moved up. so he reminded me that the upcoming monday I have class at 8 am in the KMB that building is the south eastern corner of byu campus. about 200 ft from my apartment complex. I was stoked.

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