Start at Home

Yesterday I was inspired by HGTV to “start at home” and decorate our apartment. I set off for BedBath and Target, gift cards in hand, determined to find the perfect accent candles and picture frames and sequined pillows. It was so much fun! I bought our first piece of sitting furniture: a chair! Yay! Until now we have been getting well acquainted with the floor in the family room. I also had to buy few new fall sweaters for Raimo and myself because they were just too cute. That night Raimo and I ate a great chicken-and-pasta combo with salad before the decorating fest began! Raimo helped out by giving excellent advice and holding pictures in various positions against the wall for long periods of time. I really love how it looks now! I’m going to try to figure out how to post pictures of the before and after. Dad, I love my nest!

From my darling

Our one month anniversary-
sitting on the couch/table

the bare bedroom

Our move-in was so messy! We had no place for all our junk!

Pictures of the new room are on the way

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